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About SERC

Welcome to Sokoto Energy Research Center…

Sokoto Energy Research Centre (SERC) was established in 1982, as the University`s research and development activities of the Unit founded by the Research and publications Committee of the University. Towards the end of 1982, the University was informed of the decision through a letter from the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology (SFMST/ISE/206/S.1/149/50, dated November, 1982) with…Read More

Mission, Vision Statement

The vision of the Sokoto Energy Research Centre (SERC) is to spearhead the mitigation of environmental damage and alleviation of poverty through the promotion of the use of environmentally Energy source, such as solar and other Renewable Energy resources in Nigeria.
The mission of Sokoto Energy Research Centre is to expand the frontiers of knowledge in harnessing and utilization of solar ….

Our Mandates

The main activities of the Center comprise the following:

  • Organize and carry out research in the most economical and effective means available locally for harnessing solar energy and other renewable as complementary and/or alternative sources of electric power; heat and fuels, primarily bio fuels and thereby reduce dependence on energy imports.
  • Investigate the Read More
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