Date: 19th June – 13th July, 2018
Venue: Sokoto Energy Research Centre, UDU Sokoto. Nigeria
1. INTRODUCTION: Energy is one of the crucial inputs for achieving socio-economic advancement. The use of conventional energy is associated with environmental problems such as pollution, emission of hazardous greenhouse gasses that could reflect negatively on health and leading to land degradation and climate changes. Consequently, renewable energy provides the needed balance between energy security, economic development and environmental protection.
Solar photovoltaic technology converts sunlight into direct current (DC) electricity without any moving parts and utilized for lighting, water pumping, telecommunication and all other aspects of electrification in urban and remote rural areas. Successful solar photovoltaic systems require robust design based on ; detailed analysis of solar resource, energy demand profile and selection of appropriate configuration of the system.
After installation, the system needs regular periodic maintenance. These requirements necessitate the need for highly skilled human resource. To this development, Sokoto Energy Research Centre, Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto in collaboration with WINROCK International USA and German International Cooperation (GIZ) wishes to announce a Special Training Course on “Solar Photovoltaic Installation (SPVI)”.
2. COURSE OBJECTIVES: The course has been designed to meet the technical and managerial requirements for designing, installation and maintaining solar photovoltaic systems in residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Thus, participants are expected to attain the required competency in their ability to:
i. Plan, design and install various configuration of solar photovoltaic systems successfully;
ii. Carry out troubleshooting, repairs and maintenance of the systems;
iii. Perform economic analysis for profitability of the systems;
iv. Provide related advisory services on solar photovoltaics.
Enable electricians with formal and informal educational background to install, troubleshooting and maintain domestic and smaller commercial solar photovoltaic systems in conformity with the requirements of the Nigerian Competency Standards for Clean Energy | 2016 in the domain “Solar Photovoltaic System Installation with Focus on Domestic and Smaller Commercial Solar System”.
3. COURSE CONTENTS: The course will be highly practical oriented covering the following course contents:
i. The Solar Resource;
ii. Work place Safety;
iii. Components of Solar Systems;
iv. Solar Photovoltaic System Configuration;
v. System Sizing;
vi. System Installation;
vii. Troubleshooting, Repairs and Maintenance;
viii. Economic Analysis and Profitability; and
ix. Observe safety regulations in conformity to Nigerian safety standard
4. ELIGIBILITY: The training course is open to individuals with engineering, science and technical backgrounds and must be within age group of 18-40 years (SSCE, OND etc). Posses the ability to read and write.
5. DURATION: The recommended contact hours for delivery of this course are 160 hours. This would translate into 20 days of training for a full time delivery of 8 hours per day. For effective delivery, the course is designed in modules; each with recommended duration of delivery. The course will run for 4 weeks non-stop from 9th April – 7th May, 2018
6. TRAINING COST: The cumulative cost fee per participant is one hundred and twenty thousand naira only (N120,000.00) which covers the following:
i. Course Fee;
ii. Lunch and tea breaks during training session;
iii. Personal protection kits; safety boots, helmet, safety goggles and hand gloves;
iv. Training manuals (hard cover) and certificate;
v. Training bag and writing materials;
vi. Field trips
vii. Video documentary
7. HOW TO APPLY: Interested participants should apply by sending their CVs directly by mail to Notice of acceptance of candidates will be communicated to the participants via their e-mail addresses and their phone numbers.
8. MODE OF PAYMENT: The payment of course fee could be made via electronic transfer to First Bank Nigeria PLC UDU Branch (A/C No: 3108064691).
For further inquiries, please contact the following:
 Dr. M. M. Garba
Ag. Director, Sokoto Energy Research Centre
Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto
Phone: +234(0) 806 018 9050
Engr. Garba Saidu
Head of Photovoltaic Unit
Sokoto Energy Research Centre
Usmanu Danfodiyo University, Sokoto
Phone: +234(0) 806 933 7444