In order to ensure efficient and effective execution of its mandate, the Centre has been structured to consist of the following research and administrative units: Solar Photovoltaic; Solar Thermal; Biomass; Wind /Meteorology; Small Hydropower; Services; Administration and Finance Units. The research units operate in an integrated manner to conceive, design and executive research and development projects, while the Administration and Finance unit provide the back up.

The Centre is administered through the Governing Board, which is chaired by the Vice- Chancellor. It superintends over all policy and budgetary matters: It is responsible for recruitment, promotion and discipline of staff; it considers and recommends Centre’s budget to the Energy Commission of Nigeria, which in turn considers and recommends same to the Federal Ministry of Energy, Abuja. The main committee of the Board is the Energy Research and Training Advisory (ERATA) Committee, which is chaired by the Director. It advises the Board on research, development and training activities of the Centre.

The day to day running of the Centre is bestowed on the Director of the Centre in consultation with the Management Committee. In addition, the Centre has two standing committees; the Staff Appointment and Promotion Committee and the Senior Staff Committee